Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

I don’t know if you remember, but I remember a programme called Tomorrows’ World here in the UK.  It said there would be flying cars (like in Back to the Future, Fifth Element) by the year 2010.  I was looking forward to it actually.  They also mentioned other things like the paperless office and the paperless office.  When I heard about robots replacing ALL humans jobs; I got concerned.  I wondered even then at 13 or 14 I think I was, if robots replaced our jobs,  what would be left for us Humans to do.  Then when I was a bit older, the excellent entertainment ‘Terminator’ films came out:  this was possibly another way that things could go with technology we have produced.  Now in London, UK,  a council has £12,000 installing a virtual hologram receptionist at one of its’ offices.  The reason they gave, is because it was cheaper then employing a human.

I am all for using technology to assist with our daily lives. It is when it impacts on us humans that I get concerned: what becomes of us humans?



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