Smartphones are the hackers next target

Smartphones are the hackers next target

Does reading articles like this make you think about your own information?

There are hackers, advertisers and now allegedly governments who are after your information. I wonder what is the answer to it all. You can already go to sites such as portable and download firefox or google to run from your USB memory stick.  You can get portable versions of password managers too; where you can copy and paste your user names and passwords into your browser of choice. But you will need to check which browsers will fully work with them. 

Google have admitted also, that they do not care about your privacy; do they really want your details so they can just sell them on: I think on the wake of the PRISM revelations, this will backfire on Google.

Perhaps you can use the alias feature of your email to create other email addresses which you give out,  and only letting close contacts to have your main email address.

How do you decide what information, if any, to give out to the internet?


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