How a TED Talk from a fellow suicide attempt survivor helped me rebuild my self-respect

There is so far to go with regards to mental health. I believe it is good to know that it is starting to be acknowledged that depression is becoming a bigger problem.

TED Blog

I was a foreign correspondent based in China when I attempted suicide, twice. A big factor was the fear that if anyone knew what I was feeling, I would be fired and my career would be over. Here I was, a journalist since the age of 16, whose far-flung life — Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, extra in Bollywood films, teacher in rural Pakistan, copy editor at a Shanghai-run newspaper — had been aimed at becoming a foreign correspondent one day. And then, in my mid-30s, it all seemed finished.

My attempts came 15 months apart, three years ago — the second more serious than the first. I had assumed that if you do everything you can to get better, you get better, and it can’t possibly happen again. But it did. After the attempts, it was a relief to discover that my employer was supportive. That helped me make the…

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