IT Risks


I am aware that IDS is trying his best to sort out very difficult events going on in the UK at the moment. But why does he and other politicians not admit this, £130m will need to be written off because of IT problems associated with his Universal Credit. There has long been an IT Skills shortage, it started with everything being sent off to foreign climates, then it was decided that IT was not important so stopped funding of any IT training. Universal Credit is supposed to be about computerising the whole process, instead they will need to find 37,000 extra people to administer it.


Web Design

I have just looked up to see if I can find the source of “Time flies when you are having fun.” Unfortunately, at this time, I am unable to confirm who first said it. But I have discovered from a BBC page that:

It is thought that if the brain is busy focusing on many aspects of a task, then it has to spread its resources thinly, and pays less heed to time passing.

Therefore, time passes without us really noticing it, and seems to go quickly.

However, if the brain is not stimulated in this way, it concentrates its full energies on monitoring the passing of time.

I am certainly feeling this now; I thought it was just a sign of growing old !!! 

Now back to the blog:

I was kindly informed by a fellow blogger (thanks again Michelle!) that a good site to learn Web design was CodeAcademy.  It really is a great site to learn the basics.  I know I am still a beginner but I want to say that I like this site very much, you can do online lessons at your own speed and it is like having your own tutor, yourself. Let me explain: if you do not get the lesson correct you cannot carry on with the next lesson.  So it made me think about what I had done wrong to be able to correct it.

I happened to watch a you tube video from a web designer, and he suggests to learn one language before going on to the next one, perfect each as you go along. So from this I decided I will learn HTML5 and CSS3 together: I know it is not one, but they have to be combined to create Websites. 

Now back to the starting line of my blog: time flies!  Well it does, I remember looking at the time this afternoon at 1400 hours,  but now it is 2231.  I have been doing some learning since then, I have finally got around to the starting of my website also. Luckily my ISP contract includes some space on their servers that I will be able to store it and run it from the vast internet space 🙂  

Oh, just a detour again, I want to thank Google today, as this is the first chance I have had. I am usually first in line complaining about some of the things I have felt Google had done wrong.  But have you tried their updated search site,  Start with entering any search topic you want, then next to the usual, web/images/maps/shopping/news/more sections, there is a new ‘search tools’. Click on this and you get more options to do a search more efficiently,  my favourite is the second option called ‘any time’ click on this and you are offered more options including search in the last week or month, or even the last hour.  How many times have you wanted to get the very latest updates on your search topic, only to find you have to search through pages from back in the 2000s first before you get something more recent. The same can be found on YouTube also.

Back to time flies:  I have been spending some time checking out some of the things that Web Designers are coming up with for HTML 5 effects.  Use a search engine and look for them, and be amazed by some of the things coming out. Yet, as far as I am aware there is still yet to be any web browser that is fully HTML5 compliant.  So just as the alien says in Contact: “you’re capable of such beautiful dreams”.  Get learning Web Design and come up with new ideas.  In the UK alone there are said to be 12 million people who don’t have access to the internet, and most of them I understand are the elderly.  I for one, am going to try and think of ideas for when they come on board.

So it is true that even working for a successful company doesn’t make you happy.  To make yourself happy,  Discover and make your own dreams 



Web Coding or WYSIWYG Web Design Package

Web Coding or WYSIWYG Web Design Package

Is it classed as cheating if you were to use a WYSIWYG Web Editor over learning to web code from scratch?

The reason I ask this is that when you see a vacancy for a web designer,  they say you must have experience of 9 web programming languages and use of graphics software such as adobe.

So why not just use a package to do the web side and another to do the graphic side?

Your thoughts please?  





The Joys of Waiting

Great article ! if you want to go further suggest a book called ‘Slowing Down to the Speed of Life’ by Richard Carlson & Joseph Bailey

Elizabeth Fountain, Author

I hate waiting. Most people I know hate waiting. Life is full of waiting: we wait for loved ones to come home, we wait for movies to start, we wait in lines at groceries, banks, or the DMV. We wait to hear the results of tests at school, and the results of tests about our health.  Right now my love is waiting to find out if a new job will come through, unable to make commitments until he does. As writers, we wait for the muse to strike, we wait to hear back about a submission, we wait to see if anyone will discover our work, and we wait to learn if they love it as we do. All this waiting creates an often excruciating sense of anticipation, anxiety, or dread. It puts us in a state of suspended animation, of limbo: we understand, while in this limbo, why Dante…

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