Smartphones are the hackers next target

Smartphones are the hackers next target

Does reading articles like this make you think about your own information?

There are hackers, advertisers and now allegedly governments who are after your information. I wonder what is the answer to it all. You can already go to sites such as portable and download firefox or google to run from your USB memory stick.  You can get portable versions of password managers too; where you can copy and paste your user names and passwords into your browser of choice. But you will need to check which browsers will fully work with them. 

Google have admitted also, that they do not care about your privacy; do they really want your details so they can just sell them on: I think on the wake of the PRISM revelations, this will backfire on Google.

Perhaps you can use the alias feature of your email to create other email addresses which you give out,  and only letting close contacts to have your main email address.

How do you decide what information, if any, to give out to the internet?


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The Future.

I think it is good that articles are starting to come out like this: reading under the line to what is actually happening behind events in the news.  I applaud them. 

The company only announces new things which will make them money.  Another example is my local telephone company: KC Kingston Communications; They recently announced in the local rag that they were going to let unemployed people without internet access, to be able to buy reconditioned laptops and desktop PCs.  In fact you might get it reduced in price, but you have to go through KC to get ISP because they are the only company in the city who offers this service.  Yes,  OFCOM said that KC had to let other companies into the city, but the other companies say that KC charge them too much to access their networks, then KC say that no other companies want to come into the city.

I think there is a lot of truth, in recent films such as ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Elysium’  Both talk about the rich living in one atmosphere and the rest of the world living in poverty.   

Unless those who are rich learn from people like Bill Gates and his wife and actually do something to help others, what future is there for the rest of us.

What do you think?

Applying for Jobs + Employers

I am getting so frustrated with employers these days.   You cannot hardly have a week go by when some news website is telling us that employers are complaining about the skills of those who apply for jobs with them.

 I, like a lot of people, am looking for a job.  One of the Websites I am on this morning, had what I thought was an error on their site.  So I sent them feedback to say that in their search field they had options to select for part time jobs, but not full time.   They replied back,  “then don’t apply for those”  

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

I don’t know if you remember, but I remember a programme called Tomorrows’ World here in the UK.  It said there would be flying cars (like in Back to the Future, Fifth Element) by the year 2010.  I was looking forward to it actually.  They also mentioned other things like the paperless office and the paperless office.  When I heard about robots replacing ALL humans jobs; I got concerned.  I wondered even then at 13 or 14 I think I was, if robots replaced our jobs,  what would be left for us Humans to do.  Then when I was a bit older, the excellent entertainment ‘Terminator’ films came out:  this was possibly another way that things could go with technology we have produced.  Now in London, UK,  a council has £12,000 installing a virtual hologram receptionist at one of its’ offices.  The reason they gave, is because it was cheaper then employing a human.

I am all for using technology to assist with our daily lives. It is when it impacts on us humans that I get concerned: what becomes of us humans?




It was mentioned to me 6 months about drinking cordial, not cold, but hot. It had not been suggested when I was growing up by my parents and don’t recall anyone else mentioning it during my life.

At first I thought this strange,  but prior to this, I was told about some countries drinking pure hot water.  I gave that a try and liked it.  And now I am seriously thinking about stopping from drinking tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

During the week, I went to purchase some flavours I had been told about; at the moment I am drinking (not at the same time!!) Apple & Blackcurrant, Raspberry Ripple, Peach, Marshmallow and my favourite at the moment: Pear Drop.

I thought I would check out Amazon UK, to see what other flavours there are:  Vimto (various), Peppermint, Elderflower, Blackcurrant, Lime, Green Spiced Berry, Ginger & Lemongrass, Orange,   Cranberry & Raspberry, Orange & Lemon & Pineapple, Fruit & Barley, Pomegranate & Elderflower.

And after a search engine search there appears to be no studies on the benefits of drinking hot cordial,  I could only find results on the benefits of drinking water, tea and coffee.